Sunday, 20 February 2011

xBox 360 vs PS3

As usually I have 2 options, but need to buy 1 xBox or PS, what the differences, that I noticed:

+Free Online Gaming
+Jailbrake (Free Games)
+Better Pad for fighting games
+Better quality of CDs
-Most of games are based on Single Player
-Price of Console and Games
-I know only one of my friend who have PS3

xBox 360:
+Better Pad for FPS
+Lot of exclusives
+Most games are based on Multiplayer
+More Games
+Lot of friends have xBox
-Crap DVD discs
-Online membership

Both are slim editions, so no differences in WiFi and heating problems. Maybe there is more pros and cons about this consoles, but what is the better choice and that have better future ?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Today was hard basketball game, so I was hit and damaged my arm, so no more gym for some time, but I wan't to share my program, so maybe for someone it will be helpful:

Day 1: Chest + Back
1) Bench Press 5 by 8-12
2) Sitting bench press from the collarbone 5 by 8-10
3) The layout Dumbbell 5 by 12
4) Pull the dumbbell with one hand 5 by 10-12
5) Pull in the slope 3 by 12
6) Deadlift 5 by 8
7) Forearms 5 by 20
8) Chest Press 3 to a maximum and + 35 kg load.
9) Dips 3 by 15

Day 2: Legs + Shoulders
1) Squats 5 by 10-12
2) Leg press 3 by 12-15
3) Bench barbell from the chest while standing 5 by 8-10
4) Dumbbell Bench sitting 5 by 12
5) Lifts dumbbells in different directions 3 by 12
6) Forearm 5 by 20
7) Chest Press 3 to a maximum and + 35 kg load.
8) Dips 3 by 15

Day 3: Hands
1) Biceps Standing barbell 5 by 10-12
2) Bicep curls 5 by 12
3) Hammer 5 by 12
4) The French press 5 by 10-12
5) Extension of a head 5 by 10-12
6) Forearm 5 by 20
7) Chest Press 3 to a maximum and + 35 kg load. 
8) Dips 3 by 15

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Electro Guitar.

Ah, finally I ordered an electric guitar: Gibson Les Paul + Marshall MG15 15W AmplifierNow I will be practicing to play like a rock band guitarist... Does anyone know good websites where I can learn how-to play on electro guitar or what songs are the must-to-know-how-to-play ? Oh and some pics of my order:

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

As I promised before I will make a review of movie "The Big Lebowski". First of all this movie is f&@*ing amazing and funniest that I saw for last years, esspecially because of that guy:

And the review:
It is story about one, not usual, man with Family Name "Lebowski", but he calls himself "Dude" and don't likes when someone call him by his real name, but eventually 2 bad guys enters his house and starting to beat him, and they asking Dude "where is his wife?", but has no wife at all, so he tells them that he is ain't bilinear and have no wife, but when bad guys goes away from his house one of them pisses off on his carpet. On another day, Dude tells this story to his friends, while they playing bolling, and Wallter, one of Dude's friend, tells that he need to find that bilinear and ask for money for carpet. When Dude meets bilinear Lebowski, he didn't wanted to help Dude, so Dude just took one of his carpets and goes home on limousine. On next day Lebowski calls Dude and tell that his wife was kidnapped and thieves wants 1 million to give her back, but Dude need to be a person who will give this money to thieves, and after he finish this job he will be paid 10 000$, so Dude accepts this offer. On next day Dude talk with Walter about this job and Walter wan't to help, so Dude accept his idea, but Walter wanted to give to thieves "Dummy" and take whole million, but after they tries to cheat thieves, all goes not like they expected. And at the end Dude learns that Lebowski cheated him and didn't gave money at all, because he have no money and all problems goes away from Dude.


Yesterday was talking with my girlfriend and she asked me, why I haven't got a blog, where I can tell people about how I enjoying my time, so I decided to open a blog, where I could share with people about my time. And  lets start... On this weekends I really enjoyed the snowboarding in Swadlincote Ski and Snowboard Centre I choose this place to ride, first of all because it really not so far away from me and this is the map, where its located:

And here are some photos of my riding:

Thanks for reading my first post, and now I wan't to watch a good movie "Big Lebowski", after I will write about it ;)