Sunday, 20 February 2011

xBox 360 vs PS3

As usually I have 2 options, but need to buy 1 xBox or PS, what the differences, that I noticed:

+Free Online Gaming
+Jailbrake (Free Games)
+Better Pad for fighting games
+Better quality of CDs
-Most of games are based on Single Player
-Price of Console and Games
-I know only one of my friend who have PS3

xBox 360:
+Better Pad for FPS
+Lot of exclusives
+Most games are based on Multiplayer
+More Games
+Lot of friends have xBox
-Crap DVD discs
-Online membership

Both are slim editions, so no differences in WiFi and heating problems. Maybe there is more pros and cons about this consoles, but what is the better choice and that have better future ?


  1. I think the PS3 is the better option, but I've always been a PS guy, all the way back to the PS1. I can barely use a controller that's different from the Playstation one. PS3 is more advanced than 360 - the hardware is just better. I mean, the 360 didn't even come with a hard drive at first, right? How absurd.

  2. I'll have to say PS3, because i just couldn't imagine what it would be like to be paying for just being playing online...
    And i love the ps exclusives.

  3. "I know only one of my friend who have PS3"
    i think for this reason in the long run xbox will win out...

  4. Most people LIVE by xbox. But my brother has a ps3 and is always happy with it. Never once considered xbox.

  5. xbox360 is better in my opinion, just like it more than ps3

  6. I have owned both but I would have to say that ps3 is better for hd serious gaming and xbox is better for having fun with friends type gaming

  7. I own both, but I would say the xbox is the premier gaming console, while ps3 is a more of a multitasker, being a multimedia like console.

  8. i do have the ps3 and would buy it again.. dont really like the xbox

  9. Take into consideration that the 360 has already reached it's limit. It is, in the crazy 21st century way, already obsolete, while devs are still unlocking the potential of the ps3. Obviously not a make or break, but still, take into consideration.

  10. Like you said, Xbox has games tailored for multiplayer, where as ps3 is more for hardcore single player gamers. I'd for for the Xbox

  11. You forgot to point out that xbox 360 has also "free" games.

  12. ps3 all the way, unless you are cheap..

  13. I think that Xbox 360 is better. Mostly because i really love gaming and the 360 is more suited for only gaming and communication.

  14. I'm too much of a lover of some Sony first party titles to switch to 360.

  15. the xbox has such a bigger community and the online multiplayer is way better.

  16. Xbox is finally good with the latest model. I am on my fucking 3rd one. All the others died a glorious death.

    PS3 is graphically superior but has a shoddy community & poor game selection compared to Xbox.