Saturday, 5 March 2011

Breakfast time

Good morning my dear readers! For sure, waking up, the first of what you thought it what to do for breakfast.Sometimes you want diversity, and so I want you to submit a recipe omelet, it's quite simple to prepare, as it is full of carbohydrates, which will be useful when faced with a tough day.
- 1 egg (he gets a very hearty, so one will suffice)
- 1 slice of bread
- a bit of grated cheese
- 3 tablespoons milk
- Salt, spices to taste

So, first put the bread in a soup plate, fill it with milk (milk must be small so that the bread soaked) and then mash it with a fork. Then, in the same bowl pour raw egg, all carefully whisk. Rub a little cheese, and add to the same mass, and a little salt, (my advice, add curry, it goes well with cheese).
Next, heat the pan and pour the olive oil, and it is desirable to roll the pan to cover its walls, then lay out a lot. Omelet turns lush and very hearty, and its preparation will not take more than 10 minutes.
Bon appetite!!


  1. Check out my Sweet Baby Rays chicken recipe. Quick and healthy...

  2. Mmm, was going to have just a cheese omelette this morning but going to give this a turn now... Is there a name for the recipe? I'm not sure how much to mush up my bread!

  3. Well I think I might try er out. I haven't made an omelet yet, so today will be good day.

  4. Had a cheese, ham and fried egg sandwich this morning. The sandwich itself was then also fried. Add ketchup. Yum!

  5. I use seasoned salt and a little cayenne pepper to spice up my eggs. This sounds excellent!