Friday, 18 March 2011

What should I do to fall asleep quickly?

Before going to bed refrain from gaming genres such as action, racing simulators, they cause arousal in the body, as well as body temperature rises, you should not spend time on the Internet. But games such as puzzles and chess and lead to a rapid fall asleep.Before going to bed do not use the following products: coffee, cola, chocolate, tea and even more energy drinks. Caffeine invigorates the body. Also, do not drink alcohol and to refrain from smoking. Take a hot bath with aromatherapy oils. Feel the smell of lavender. Ask relatives to give you a relaxing massage. Watch for body temperature. In hot night cool bedding in the freezer. Turn off all electronics in the room for sleeping. After all electronics not only makes noise, but also creates an electromagnetic field, which prevents sleep. Try not to think about tomorrow, events. Do not jump out of bed without the need.
Remember this when you go to bed! Good luck!


  1. oh you're not supposed to think about the next day? but then I wake up and I'm completely lost and don't know what day it is.

  2. I can't remember the last time I couldn't fall asleep right away.