Tuesday, 22 March 2011


What you need:
White or light rum (Bacardi Mojito) 50-60 ml
1.5 teaspoons of sugar
8 sprigs mint
soda water, mineral water
Place a sprig of mint in a tall glass. Carefully fill them with syrup or lime juice, the leaves can be a little bruise, but you can not vomit. Floating leaves of mint in the glass do not give a cocktail of elegance. Flooding mint leaves lime juice we get from them extract oils, which give the cocktail a unique flavor. After mixing the lime juice and mint leaves, put into glass of crumbling ice, ice must be at the top to the leaves left on the bottom of the glass, rather than floating on top. Add rum, club soda for him gently stir and.... enjoy !

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  1. I think lime is my favorite part of these kind of drinks